How Do We Break The Climate Taboo In Presidential Debates?


That producers and moderators of US Presidential debates have thus far largely excluded climate change as a suitable topic seems to be a growing source of irritation. Check out this video from What Are They Waiting For? Questioners in the sanctioned debates seem to just ape each other's easy-shot questions, avoiding Climate policy like it were a really nasty taboo. Here's the stat from What Are They Waiting For.

The climate crisis will be the biggest challenge facing the next president. But the top Sunday hosts don’t seem to think so.

In 2007, they have asked: 2275 Questions; 3 mentioned global warming

Also, we heard today about an organized effort by the group Draft Gore NH to write Al Gore's name on the primary ballot, primarily because he would help break the climate change "taboo."

Via Encarta a Taboo is something:

1. socially or culturally prohibited: forbidden to be used, mentioned, or approached because of social or cultural rather than legal prohibitions

Via::What Are They Waiting For? Image credit::Monkeys As Critics, Gabriel von Max, Netslova