How Do US Net Emission Reductions Proposals Compare To What's Needed? Not Well.

US net emission reduction proposals image

Although it's several weeks old at this point, the chart above from the World Resources Institute shows the net emission reductions under the various emission reduction proposals currently in Congress. It's a good chart--view a larger one here--but seems to be missing a crucial piece of information: Where scientists say emission reductions actually have to be to keep temperature rise under 2°C. Well, here's an amended version showing 25% and 40% reductions from 1990 levels by 2020:

US net emission reduction proposals versus science recommendation image

All of these bills being considered can rightly be called first steps, but I think as some quick line additions in Photoshop clearly show, whatever final version a future US climate bill takes the emission reductions have to be much greater than what's currently proposed.

Read WRI's report on the subject: Emission Reductions Under Cap-and-Trade Proposals in the 111th Congress [PDF]

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