How Climate Change is Causing War (Video)

Left over from the war

Christian Parenti's "Tropic of Chaos"
You've probably heard the ominous assertion that climate change will become a major driver of conflict around the world, especially in already volatile regions. It's why our military takes climate change seriously (see US Navy Vice Admiral: Climate Change is a Threat Multiplier) even when its staunchest right-wing supporters don't. But, the above stated 'will become' is misleading: Climate change is already causing violence, conflict, and wars around the globe.

Christian Parenti's new book, Tropic of Chaos, reveals exactly how this is unfolding. I spoke with Parenti at the Brooklyn Book Fair, and he outlined the ways that climate change is already subjecting millions to violent conflict and destabilizing our world. Watch:

Find more info on Parenti's work here.

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