How Climate Change is a Threat to National Security (Video)


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You've probably at least heard mention of how climate change poses a complex threat to national security on a number of fronts. It's often described as a threat multiplier, as it puts additional stress on already unstable nations and regions. By creating more intense weather conditions and events -- droughts, flooding, more intense storms -- it will disrupt societies and induce mass migration in coming decades. But don't take my word for it. Just listen to the men in uniform (video after the jump):

There's a pretty rock solid case that climate change is among the greatest national security threats facing countries around the globe -- both for those nations that will bear the brunt of the worst impacts of global warming, and those more indirectly effected. This video, from the always enlightening Peter Sinclair, explains the case pretty thoroughly.

The national security issue is always an interesting one to raise, especially since it creates a paradox for many conservative climate deniers who otherwise hold the role of military leaders in high esteem -- my loyal contingent of climate change-denying readers are typically reduced to name-calling when any general or admiral publicly explains the threat of global warming: "They're only two-star generals!" "They're socialists!" "They're working to protect their "fat government pensions (?!)". These are all comments from previous posts I've done on military leaders detailing the national security concerns presented by climate change.

But I'll say it again -- military leaders must be pragmatists, and realists. When 97% of scientists say climate change is occurring, they (thankfully) recognize that action must be taken. The CIA, the Pentagon, the Navy, the Army -- every branch of the military is actively taking climate change, and its impact on geopolitical affairs, into account. Because it would be stupid not to.

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