How Climate Change Became a "Litmus Test" for Republicans


Photo: laszlo-photo via Flickr/CC BY

There's nothing extraordinarily groundbreaking in the analysis the American climate scientist Raymond S. Bradley offers in his tour de force op-ed in the Guardian today, but he details our nation's political problem with global warming so well that it's worth a close read. Here's Bradley's take on the dire straits we've landed ourselves in:

To the idealogues who have invested millions to support their political factotums in the US Congress, their money has been well spent, as meaningful legislation to control greenhouse gases has virtually disappeared from the congressional agenda. But not content with that success, they have now drawn a line in the sand for those seeking political office; global warming is off limits entirely. It is not something they want to be discussed at all.
And how can you win an argument on a topic one party refuses to discuss entirely?

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