How a chicken coop became a cozy family home

chicken coop house photo
Video screen capture Fair Companies

From an ewok village in Oregon to a home made from 3 tents and a shed, it's fair to say that Fair Companies have shown us some pretty minimalist, rustic dwellings.

This one, however, is particularly charming.

Crafted from an old rundown chicken coop, this house was originally conceived of as a way for the owners to live on site while they renovated the main house. In the process, however, they created a lovely, cozy space that most of the family seems to prefer to their main dwelling.

chicken coop house interior photoFair Companies/Video screen capture

Running a small holding, milking goats and renovating chicken coops is probably not everyone's idea of the perfect life. But what I so love about Fair Companies videos is that they are not about green dogma or blueprints for "how we should live". but rather they celebrate the idea of creating a home that works for you and how you want to live.

That's something we can all aspire to.

How a chicken coop became a cozy family home
Use what you have may be the first tenet of DIY green living. This family took that notion and ran with it.

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