How Can This Island Nation Go 100% Carbon Neutral by 2020? (Video)


Photo: nattu via Flickr/CC BY
Interview with Dr. Waheed, Vice President of the Maldives
Yesterday, the island nation of Maldives announced that it had mandated that 60% of its energy be produced by solar power as part of its bid to go carbon neutral by 2020. If successful, the Maldives would be the first country to do so. Dr. Mohammed Waheed, the Vice President of Maldives, was in New York to discuss his nation's plans. I caught up with him after a Climate Week talk. Dr. Waheed explained how Maldives was embracing solar, and how they planned on crowd-sourcing their quest for more carbon-reduction solutions.


As one of the world's lowest-lying nations, the Maldives have been particularly heroic in their efforts to bring climate change to the international stage -- to draw awareness, they've famously conducted stunts like holding cabinet meetings underwater. They've also laid out one of the most ambitious plans to reduce carbon emissions of any nation thus far. Renewable energy, energy efficiency, planting and preserving trees and foliage, and green building all factor in.

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