How Can Solar Power & SRECs Turn Your Roof Into An ATM? (Video)

If you've ever heard the term SREC (that's ess-wreck) but had no idea what it referred to, let alone how you can profit from them while at the same time generating green electricity from your rooftop solar power system, then check out this short video from 1BOG. The part about your roof being an ATM is a slight exaggeration...Here's the even quicker summary:

Only if your state has a Renewable Portfolio Standard AND an SREC market does all this really apply to you. Currently that means in Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Delaware, Maryland, and in Washington DC.

The price you get for each SREC (representing 1 MWh of electricity) varies depending on the market dynamics of each state. Currently that's from $290 in DC to $665 in New Jersey.

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