How a Wind Farm Impacts an American Town (Video)

Here's a cool story about how the construction of a wind farm impacted a small, rural American county. You rarely see stories like this -- that tick through the economic benefits of wind power, from the employment opportunities generated by building the structure, to the benefits to the landowner, to the creation of longer-term, well-paying skilled jobs.
Peter Sinclair, who point us to the video, notes that "The press likes "man bites dog" stories about resistance to wind farm sites", but stories like these are probably far more representative of the prevailing trend.

In other words, the mainstream media likes to poke around for stories about grumpy people who think the turbines are ugly or too loud -- but more often than not, wind farms create an economic engine in places that are plenty glad to have them.

It's no wonder that the wind power industry is one of the fastest growing in the United States, along with the rest of the clean power sector. Long-term jobs, cleaner energy, no dangerous side effects ('wind turbine syndrome' is one of the most egregiously fabricated bits of nonsense this side of "clean coal"), and increased economic stability. Win. Win. Aaaand -- win.

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