Houston Gets In The Wind - A Third Of The Way


"Hoping to stabilize a $150 million annual electricity bill, Houston officials have negotiated a contract to ensure that a third of the city's power is generated by wind." If approved by the City Council, the contract would make Houston a renewable energy leader among cities.

"The mandate for wind as part of the annual 1.3 billion kilowatt hours needed to power city buildings, street lights and water plants comes from Mayor Bill White [pictured], who has made energy conservation a theme of his tenure."

""It puts us in a definite leadership position," said White, a former chief operating officer at the U.S. Department of Energy during the Clinton administration. "We are ahead of the curve."" (And ahead of the Federal Government we might add.) "The mayor sought the changes after hurricanes Katrina and Rita disrupted the production and delivery of natural gas — a common fuel at Texas power plants — prompting electricity prices to soar."

Via: Houston Chronicle Image credit:: Mayor Bill White in biking spandex gear, Lone Star Times

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