Houston Car Wash Goes Back to the Basics

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With U.S. businesses disappearing left and right along with many jobs, some savvy folks are taking the stance to go back to the basics, which may turnout not to be such a bad idea...Once upon a time people used to go to the car wash and pay a machine (which would hopefully accept at least 1/3 of our dollar bills), line our wheels up to a giant washing machine per its light driven instruction, then allow dozens of little robotic arms do everything from degreasing the wheels and undercarriage, applying cotton-candy aroma paint conditioners, a coat of wax, and then finishing off with a quick blow-dry. Perhaps not the most eco-friendly operation in the world, but a bit friendlier than the do-it-yourself driveway car wash in most cases, believe it or not.

A Houston company by the name of Eco-Suds in Houston, Texas is hoping to incorporate the best of both worlds by taking the water and electricity savings of a hand wash, and incorporating a non-toxic (biodegradable) cleaning solution that will offer the safe and appropriate disposal all waste water, as commercial car wash facilities are sanctioned to follow by the 1972 Clean Water Act. They are claiming to be the first standalone, eco-friendly, full-service hand-powered car wash to open their doors for business in the United States. Now I don't know about all that, but I do know there are not too many of these types of car washes around, although I can see that quickly changing in the coming future.

These types of car washes would save between 40 and 100 gallons of water per vehicle. Their overhead would be reduced to rent, biodegradable soap, a few hired hands, and water. This would sure beat the upkeep of those constantly broken down robot machine, offer more jobs, and quite frankly you cannot get a better car wash than the one that is personally hand scrubbed, as the scrubber is actually able to concentrate on the vehicles trouble spots (tar, sap, bird droppings, etc.). No word on whether or not there will be an eco-bikini (Speedo for the girls) wash option, but they are looking to expand to the southeast and west in the very near future.

If nothing else good comes from this recession we are experiencing, I do foresee a major simplification of business structures that will leave a breath of fresh air (and clean water) behind their trails of success!

Source: Houston Business Journal
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