House Shifts $16 Billion From Big Oil To Renewable Energy + Huffington Post Launches Political Donor Search Engine FUNDRACE 2008


The U.S. House of Representatives on Saturday passed a Democratic rewrite of U.S. energy policy that strips $16 billion in tax incentives away from Big Oil and puts it toward renewable energy sources like wind and solar power. Whatever your analysis of this development might be, it seems in fact our elected lawmakers hold the power to vote with the American Taxpayer's pocketbook in favor of or against tax law that benefits the environment.

The other side of this compact between citizens and elected officials may be best expressed in the fact that individuals and organizations are vested by law with the ability to donate limited amounts of money to the political candidates of their choosing. One might even see such practice, this vote via donation or "vonation" if you will, as more influential than one citizen's individual vote. The Huffington Post is launching today a search engine called Fundrace 2008, which allows you to track which vonors are vonating to whom. If you hold an opinion that one Presidential candidate or another is more the horse to bet on when it comes to the environment, you can explore HuffPost's Fundrace 2008 to see who is putting their money down on which candidates. :: Huffington Post's Fundrace 2008 :: LA Times :: Yahoo News