House of Reps Passes Amendment Banning Implementation of 2007 Light Bulb Efficiency Improvement Law


Photo credit: James Bowe via Flickr/CC BY

Sigh. After rejecting a measure that would have fast-tracked the repeal of a law signed by George W. Bush to tighten up efficiency requirements for light bulbs, the House of Reps passed an amendment that would prohibit spending to enforce those standards. TP Green has all the gory details ... And if you were wondering why the hell Republicans are making so much fuss over a measure that will save Americans loads of money and improve energy efficiency, you're not alone. But know that it's really quite simple: It's a political opportunity for the GOP to play to its Tea Party base on a relatively low-stakes platform. They conjure up the specter of Big Government taking away your freedom to pick a light bulb, spout ideological nonsense, rinse, and repeat.

There's quite simply no reason -- other than politics -- that requiring companies to improve efficiency technology could be seen as a bad idea. Saving energy, saving money, reducing pollution, curbing carbon emissions, creating jobs -- there's little downside. Even the industry itself has already largely accepted the standards.

So allow me to reiterate: This has nothing to do with common sense, and everything to do with ideological manipulation.

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