House of Lords Tells Climate Skeptic Lord Monckton: Stop Pretending You're One of Us

lord monckton at COP15 photo

Lord Monckton confronted by youth climate activists during COP15, photo: Matthew McDermott.

Poor Lord Monckton can't seem to catch a break. Not only has he had one of his more popular climate change debunking presentations itself thoroughly debunked, but now the UK House of Lords has had the audacity to remind him, that despite his claims to the contrary, he is in no way a member of the upper house of Parliament. Oh, and his letterhead logo may break a Royal License. The Guardian has all the juicy (for the House of Lords) details:Monckton 'Has Never Been' Member of House of Lords
For years Lord Christopher Monckton has claimed he is a member of the House of Lords in his presentations. The trouble is, since the House of Lords Act 1999 the vast majority of hereditary peers (which Monckton is) lost their right to vote in the upper house; Monckton was never among the group retaining voting rights. A small detail Monckton has overlooked and one which many audiences, especially those outside Britain, wouldn't even consider questioning.

The House of Lords is now officially taking issue with Lord Monckton, a spokesperson stating,

Lord Monckton is not and never has been a member of the House of Lords. The clerk of the parliaments has written to Lord Monckton, confirming that he has no association with the House and advising him to stop branding himself as such.

house of lords & lord monckton logo comparison image

If Prosecuted For Logo Misuse, Monckton Would Face Up To Three Years in Jail
Furthermore, Lord Monckton's letterhead and presentation logo (right) now seems to bear a resemblance too close for comfort to the official House of Lords logo (left). The same House spokesperson:
The emblem is property of the Queen, and the Parliament has a Royal License granted for its use. Any misuse of the emblem by either members or non-members breaches this license, and if a person refuses to stop using it the matter is drawn to the attention of the Lord Chamberlain, who is an Officer of the Royal Household. The Lord Chamberlain has been contacted regarding Lord Monckton's use of the emblem, and it will fall to him to follow up on any misuse of the emblem.

Should Monckton be prosecuted for misuse of the emblem he would face a six month jail term, in addition to fines.

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