Horrific abuse of chickens revealed at Eggland's Best farm

Briarwood Farms  - chicken factory
© Mercy for Animals

The company should really be called 'Eggland's Worst,' based on how these poor animals are treated.

A new investigation by animal rights group Mercy for Animals has revealed sickening abuse and horrific conditions for laying hens. The factory farm, located in Washington, supplies eggs to the brand Eggland’s Best. Watch the undercover video footage recently released by Mercy for Animals, and you’ll quickly realize why the investigation has been named ‘Eggland’s Worst.’

The hens spend their lives crammed into cages, their feathers covered with feces and blood. Many endure extreme prolapse and extreme feather loss, left to suffer without veterinary care. If their feet get caught in the wire cage bottoms, they can fall down and get trampled by other hens. The video reveals dead, rotting carcasses of birds on which other hens stand and drop their eggs.

The unfortunate hens die in grotesque ways. Some accidentally fall out of the cages into the manure pits below, where they are left to die slowly. Most, however, are yanked out of the cages once their egg production decreases, stuffed into garbage cans, and taken away to be gassed to death. Video footage shows workers holding the birds by the neck or wings, sometimes violently shaking them.

More than 130 food companies and restaurants, including McDonalds, Walmart, Kroger, Safeway, Target, Costco, Burger King, and Subway, have promised to source cage-free eggs, but Eggland’s Best has not yet made that promise. California and Michigan have banned the practice, while Massachusetts and Rhode Island are considering similar bans.

Mercy for Animals hopes to generate enough pressure from outraged viewers that the company will rethink its unethical practices. Says the organization’s president, Nathan Runkle:

“Eggland's Best is the worst to hens. Hens who lay eggs sold under the Eggland's Best brand lead lives filled with horrific suffering and deprivation crammed inside filthy cages. Eggland's Best must do better by getting hens out of cruel cages—something many of its competitors have already done. It's time for Eggland's Best to make the socially responsible choice to go cage-free.”

You can view the video below and sign the pledge. Please note: The video content is graphic and disturbing.

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