Honoring A Great Conservationist, Tony Lapham - New Fellowship Opportunity At American Rivers

American Rivers and the nation’s conservation movement lost a dedicated leader last year with the passing of Tony Lapham. Gentle and thoughtful in every way, the long-time supporter, board member and, most recently, chairman of American Rivers was a giant in his intellect, his curiosity, his compassion and his enthusiasm for life.

Tony loved paddling and hiking, and enjoyed spending time on his farm along Virginia’s Jordan River. At the end of a life filled with accomplishment, service and hard work, Tony passed away peacefully, with his hip waders on, while fishing with his son in North Carolina.

We are forever grateful to Tony for everything he gave to American Rivers and the conservation movement. And now we are happy to announce a new fellowship in his memory.

The Anthony A. Lapham River Conservation Fellowship provides an excellent professional development opportunity for talented post-graduates pursuing careers as leaders in the field of conservation advocacy. Recent masters degree graduates will focus on an applied research project in one of four categories:

1. Sustainably managing our freshwater resources
2. Restoring rivers (through approaches such as dam removal) and achieving natural flood protection by restoring the natural functions of rivers, wetlands and floodplains
3. Conserving America’s heritage by protecting our remaining free-flowing rivers and connecting communities to their rivers
4. Achieving resiliency in natural and human communities in the face of global warming.

For details and application information, visit American Rivers.