Hong Kong's Ecofootprint Double What's Globally Sustainable: WWF

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Back in November WWF released a report showing how even China's modest per capita ecological footprint would be too much for the planet if everyone lived like that--we'd need 1.2 planets to support us all. Now they've released a separate report on Hong Kong. If we all lived like they do in Hong Kong we'd need 2.2 planets to make all our stuff, keep us fed and absorb all our waste.That means Hong Kong's per capita ecological footprint comes in at number 45 out of 150 for nations with populations larger than one million people (yes, Hong Kong isn't a separate nation...). It also means that the average person in Hong Kong requires 4.0 global hectares of land to support themselves. Equitably distributing the biocapacity of the planet shows that there are just 1.8 gha available per person globally.

Breaking down Hong Kong's ecological footprint further, the report finds that the city's carbon footprint is roughly two-thirds of the total (60%)--just 26% of that comes from CO2 emissions released in the city itself, the remaining three quarters come from imports.

WWF highlights how personal dietary and lifestyle choices are contributing to the Hong Kong's ecological impact:

Hong Kong is still consuming seafood and timber products which are mostly from unsustainable sources, although a massive recent increase in Forest Stewardship Council paper providers is evidence of increasing demand for sustainable products. Increases in the consumption of beef per person are less positive, where the beef consumption per person has surged in recent years, contributed to the emissions of greenhouse gases.

Read the whole report: Hong Kong Ecological Footprint Report 2010 [PDF]

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