Honda Gets "C" For Sustainability; GM Gets An "A"


Last year we introduced you to the Claremont McKenna College, Roberts Environmental Center "PSI Sector Reports". We explained that "The Roberts Environmental Center at Claremont McKenna College uses student labor to normalize corporate sustainability self-reports into an easy-to-grasp index". Well, Roberts recently released the motor vehicle sector report and was it a stunner. The global list of major car and parts makers were each graded cumulatively using weighted combined factors: EI = Environmental Intent; ER = Environmental Reporting; EP = Environmental Performance; SI = Social Intent; SR = Social Reporting; and, SP = Social Performance. You should be sitting down for this. And we got to say up up front that we're not sure how much weight mileage gets in the EP category (if any). Referring to the chart above, companies getting "A+" are: General Motors (U.S.A.); Volkswagen (Germany); and, DaimlerChrysler (Germany). Toyota did OK with an A-. But Honda just got an average - "C." For a quick glance at how the visual index ranking works we excerpted a small portion and put it in the extended text below. To see the entire report with all the details look here.( a pdf file download)


Reminder: the value of this ranking lies in its normalilzation. Because the reporting is voluntary, each corporation chooses and presents their own metrics. Without a normalization process like this one, the reading of individual reports amounts to putting a micrometer on a fog bank. TreeHugger offers a tip of the racing hat to the students at Roberts.