Honda FC Sport Concept: So Funky it's Actually Cool, or Just Plain Funky Ugly!

Honda FC Sport Concept Photo

Photo Credit Ricardo Diaz

The Honda FC Sport Concept was shown at the LA Auto Show this past week, and as the funky sports car spun around its tier, the dazed onlookers had only one thing to say, "... Chirp... chirp... chirp...chirp... burb!"Many had almost nothing to say. Which is either a good thing, or a if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all, bad thing. You see, the first thing you will notice about the FC Sport, is it is pretty odd. It has a front grille, which resembles a pair of black Honda Super Hero Underoos draped across the hood, and the rear looks like a tapered jet engine exhaust.

The FC Sports Design Concept
There is no jet engine to speak of however, but instead a patented Honda hydrogen fuel cell. They have been trying to make the fuel cell fly for the past couple years. Honda is not a big believer in the plug-in hybrid, stating that today's batteries are not quite up to snuff with their technology to make them a viable option. Some would say this is a smart move, others would say a foolish... but as fierce a competitor Honda is in the consumer marketplace, it is hard to question the method of their madness.

The FC Sport is an ultra souped up high-performance version of their current production FCX Clarity. The FC Sport is still in its concept form, so very little is actually known about its statistics, but we can still deduce a few things for ourselves.

FC Sports Power and Handling Potential
Number one, this thing would be pretty darn fast. The 134 horsepower Honda FCX Clarity is pretty darn quick in its own right. Not blow your toupee off quick or anything like that, but it might break the tape loose if you really goosed the petal. The trick to the hydrogen sports car, is the immediate torque response they offer.

An electric motor provides 100 percent torque immediately, without having to go through the revving rpm process of the typical gasoline/diesel engine. 134 horsepower feels more like 200 horsepower from its initial take-off. Sure, once the Clarity gets going, it won't impress you too much beyond that, but imagine that same potency with an ultra powerful electric motor and extreme lightweight design of the FC Sport.

Then add in the low center of gravity of the FC Sport to help streamline its aerodynamics and keep its balance through the corners, and they could be touching upon supercar status here. But the question here is not its capability, but rather its styling. How does it compare to the Tesla roadster in the looks department?

Hydrogen vs. The Plug-in
The second question is, where do consumers want to put their faith into? Is electric plug-ins the wave for the future, with Tesla, among many others leading the way. Or should we invest our hopes in a hydrogen infrastructure? While some folks claim that the trillion dollar infrastructure would not be economically viable, others say that hydrogen could be in our grasp for a lot less than we think.

But the hydrogen debate has been bashed to death, so the only fun thing left to do is hash over the FC Sports design... yea or nay?

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