Homeland Security Had Proposed Cutting Emergency Response Budget Before Gulf Spill

offshore surface oil forecast image

Offshore Surface Oil Forecast Deepwater Horizon MC252, for Monday 31 May, 2010. Image credit: NOAA, DeepwaterHorizonResponse.com

Most of the criticisms I've seen so far of how the Obama Administration was responding to the Gulf oil spill have been ill-informed 'Monday Morning Quarterbacking' by people with no field experience or background in engineering or chemistry. So I pretty much ignored it all, hoping that the pros were ignoring it as well. However, a recent story by the Washington Post, showed a very risky attitude on the part of Federal bean counters. The idea that emergency response coordinating center budget should be reduced, given that Peak Oil has been driving the rigs into ever deeper water, shows that Homeland Security administrators did not understand that oil production risks were increasing. Wrong place to cut.Government spending must be cut back.
I get that administrators are desperate to find places in the budget where spending can be cut. The rate of government spending does need to reduced far beyond what has been proposed. Fine. What about the massive ongoing subsidies to oil and car making companies? The war in Iraq? Massive appropriations for defense systems no one needs?

Remember the 'we have to fight them over there so the won't attack us here' thing from the last Administration? I think it's a fair analogy to say 'we have to have more mass transit, electric vehicles, and better emergency response planning so we don't ruin our waters, tourism, and way of life.'

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