Home Depot Taps the Green Market


We often bemoan the loss of the small neighbourhood hardware stores, which were squished out of existence by Home Depot, but we cannot deny that they have everything and are a lot cheaper. As Mairi noted in April, In Canada, they are also giving us a lot of "eco-options"- "designed to give you fresh environmentally friendly product options for your home and home improvement needs. Using products that improve energy and water efficiency, air quality, and reduce toxicity helps you enjoy a healthier lifestyle and save money!" They now have over 1,300 products and are aiming for 2,000, and this season's "Dream Book" catalogue, out today ,is dedictated to Eco Options. "We don't pretend by any means to be a green company" said spokesman Nick Cowling "but we know our customers are aware of these issues and we were pretty sure that a lot of them wanted to do something about it." Who knows, Nick, soon you might find it pays to be a green company from footings to fascia. ::Eco-options via ::National Post