Home Depot Canada Gets Serious About Eco-Options

I am of two minds when I drive to the Home Despot,as we call it; I preferred to walk to the local small-mart hardware store a few blocks from home, but almost all the main street hardware stores are gone now, run out of business by the Depots, Lowes and Rona's. However, the local store couldn't stock all of Eco-Options that the Depot does. Last visit we saw complete Solera photovoltaic packages in the electrical department, and we learn from Tyler Hamilton at Clean Break that they are now stocking Power-Pipe heat recovery units in plumbing. This is major exposure for a pretty obscure product; John Laumer noted in an earlier post about the GFX, a competitive model, that it "makes the most sense for use with "on demand" hot water heaters," which is absolutely true; anything that reduces the temperature difference between what goes in and what goes out will save a lot of gas. That's why the Power Pipe is on our list of home improvement plans.

Only a small percentage of the local Despot is green, but they deserve hugs for giving us the eco-options; I may even start calling them by their proper name. ::Home Depot

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