Hippy Dropout Becomes Wind Energy Mogul

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Image credit: Ecotricity

Dale Vince has been busy lately. From launching a network of nationwide free electric car charging stations, to building a bee-friendly utility-scale solar power plant, this former hippy traveler turned wind energy millionaire has been pushing the boundaries of renewable energy and clean transportation. Now CNN picks up his story, and we'll be talking to him soon too. We're scheduling our own live chat with the man next week—exploring everything from how he built his renewable energy empire, to what the future holds for clean technology across the Globe.CNN broadcast a profile of Dale Vince that covers his recent Nemesis electric sports car project, as well as his fascinating lifestory of going from a hippy living in a bus and rejecting "mainstream society", to a successful wind energy entrepreneur and business man:

Back then he was unemployed. Today, he employs nearly 200 staff and provides clean power for over 50,000 UK customers.His transformation from traveler to green tycoon started on a hill outside the town of Stroud in Gloucestershire where he built his first windmill to power his trailer.

He did everything himself from digging the foundation hole to fighting protracted battles with power grid companies and planners. The experience, he says, served as a blueprint for what became Ecotricity, which eventually launched in 1995.

From his statements as a vegan soccer club owner to his spats with major utilities and green energy allies alike, there's way more to Dale Vince's life story than can be covered in a short report like CNN's. So we're excited to announce that we will be holding an hour-long live chat with Dale on Tuesday, August 9th at 10am est (3pm UK time). Watch this space for more details, and be sure to tune in with your own questions.

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