Hillary Clinton Leads Angelenos in First Major Zero-Waste and Carbon-Neutral Fundraiser

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On October fourth in LA, Senator Hillary Clinton is leading the charge to raise money for her candidate of choice-Barack Obama—and heighten awareness for his environmental platforms in a suitable carbon-conscious environment with Angelenos Go Green for Obama. The slight irony that comes with a politician preaching about clean energy policies in front of blaring studio lights, a rainforest's worth of confetti or and enough blue and red balloons to clog a great lake may fall on deaf ears—but this event is attempting to buck the trend and go zero-waste and carbon free. Angelenos Go Green for Obama will be short on environmental impact, but not short on star power - more on the big names after the jump. The Celebs
The stars, including host committee members Catherine Keener, Daphne Zuniga, William Baldwin and Meg Ryan, will be out—not just flaunting their organic cotton clothes, but actually participating: everyone in attendance, including A-listers, are being asked to both contribute and fundraise for the event.

The Green Plan
Claiming a "thoughtful approach to political fundraising," the evening will feature Senator Clinton, a performance by Chris Cornell, music from DJ Jason Bentley and organic food and drink courtesy of LA's top chefs. The event is attempting to be the first zero-waste and carbon neutral political fundraiser of its kind, achieved via the use of bio-diesel generators, fully compostable plateware and flatware and local offsetting of greenhouse gas emissions via Tree People and Climate Registry. Contributions go to The Obama Victory Fund, a joint fundraising committee authorized by Obama for America and the Democratic National Committee.

Senator Clinton will discuss Obama's political agenda, including his stance on energy independence, cleantech innovation, green jobs and environmental health. This being Los Angles, and Los Angeles being a city of the VIP, only those willing to pay the big bucks will have access to the VIP reception where they can ask Clinton questions about policy, Palin, and pigs in lipstick. But event chairs are claiming the Obama camp will be giving them all the latest details about the senator's green platform to discuss and debate at the event. If you can't make it past the velvet rope, TreeHugger will share all the details in a "morning after" recap. The lesson here is not who to vote for--TreeHugger does not endorse candidates--but that any event can be made more environmentally friendly with a little research, dedication, and smart resources.

Hosting the festivities is Downtown LA venue The Edison—a 1910 power plant fashioned into a swanky lounge and outfitted with LED lighting and "a commitment to sustainable business practices." Several artists will be on display, debuting eco-conscious art with earth-friendly themes.

"This is the FIRST political fundraiser to really commit to being seriously "green," said event chair Christina Erickson. Here at TreeHugger, we're happy to see any attempt to green political and public events, whatever party or persuasion.

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