Hillary Clinton Introduces Zero Emissions Building Act


Here is a politician doing something about climate change. Hillary Clinton has introduced the Zero-Emissions Building Act of 2007 which directs federal agencies to immediately require that all new federal buildings or major renovations reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 50 percent as compared to a 2003 baseline. In 2010, and every five years after that, the emissions reduction level would increase by 10 percent, until new federal buildings become "zero-emissions" buildings in 2030. The legislation would also apply to major renovations of existing federal buildings.
"This legislation sets an ambitious goal of making new federal buildings carbon neutral by 2030," said Senator Clinton. "Buildings account for 40 percent of global warming pollution in the United States, and the federal government should lead the way in developing building designs and technologies to reduce these emissions."

From Senator Clinton's website:

"The federal government is not only the nation's single largest energy consumer, but the number one energy waster as well. About $1 billion in taxpayer dollars is squandered every day due the needless wastefulness of outdated technology," said Senator Kerry. "We know that energy efficiency is the fastest, cheapest, surest way to strengthen America's energy security, environmental quality, and economic vitality - and the federal government should be taking the lead. I am proud of the legislation we are introducing today and I look forward to working with Senator Clinton to pass it."

Buildings could achieve the goals of the bill in three ways:

First, by using design principles and energy technologies, such as building orientation, daylighting, efficient lighting, and ground source heat pumps.

Second, by using on-site generation of renewables, such as solar photovoltaics.

Third, any remaining emissions would be offset by efficiency projects in other federal buildings.

Many of these technologies are being used successfully today by both the federal government and the private sector. For example, the Government Services Administration recently constructed a Denver courthouse that uses natural light in 75 percent of the building.

Read the ::Zero-Emissions Building Act of 2007 PDF

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