Hillary Clinton Announces Obama's New Global Food Security Initiative (VIDEO)


In the closing session of this year's Clinton Global Initiative, the Secretary of State took to the stage to explain the Obama administration's ambitious new global food security initiative. After Bill Clinton preempted the talk by saying he regretted not providing funding to small farmers around the world during his presidency--he'd also mentioned this was a huge mistake in the blogger's round table I attended earlier this week--Hillary went in depth on how Obama plans to help small farmers produce and sell food in the world's poorest nations. Watch the rousing video of her speech after the jump.Here's the video of (a snippet of) Hillary Clinton's speech on the new global food security initiative--my sincerest apologies for the extremely crappy camerawork there.

Clinton went on to outline a few of the basics of the initiative, which includes providing aid for research and better seed for farmers in developing regions, and innovations to better connect small farmers to marketplaces. She said it was perhaps the most ambitious plan regarding both diplomacy and development the US had yet undertaken to bring aid to foreign nations.

"I guarantee you this will spark huge debates around the world," she said. "We have to delve into this in a way that hasn't been done in a long time."

Stay tuned, as I'll be posting more video and details as they arise.

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