Hilarious Old Timey Country Ringtone Sings Praises of Coal

coal song ringtone photo

Photo via Life

Does the pro-coal movement try to be so consistently hilarious on purpose? I mean, the bizarre clean coal carolers were impressive enough, but now it looks like the coal industry is taking a stab at going viral: they're moving on to ringtones! Yes, the West Virginia Coal Association is distributing this hilarious, original country anthem to coal to drum up positive PR for coal.

And now, allow me to present West Virginia's love song to coal:This isn't about clean coal, mind you, just coal—it's just an old timey country anthem about loving coal. The Sierra Club has set the ring tone to a video, so just watch and enjoy.

Here are the lyrics, in case you didn't catch them:

West Virginia coal gonna take you on a ride,

Gonna take you to the city to the shore and countryside,

Gonna let you work your magic and your power and your pride,

West Virginia coal, you're on your way!

From the coal found deep in the dark today, we come up with the light for America! America!


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