High School Student Launches CFL Giveaways with Project Greenlight

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When news came that a student named Ryan Morgan at North Pocono High School near Scranton, PA had started distributing CFL bulbs in a bid to raise awareness of global warming and what folks can do about it, I must admit that I was impressed, and felt not a small pull of nostalgia as well. For it was not too long ago that I found myself doing almost the exact same thing with Mr. Luna's Bright Idea, and asking Oprah to lend a hand.

Now in true activist fashion he’s worked with what he has and held community raffles to raise the funds to purchase and distribute the bulbs, with companies like Starbucks and Harper Collins making donations to help out and folks like Al Gore and Robert Kennedy Jr. quite generously offering him signed copies of their books for his auction as well. And he’s given PowerPoint presentations to kids in his community before playing environmentally-themed games with them to help them better grasp the message.

Project Greenlight in Your Community
He’s come up with a terrific group of sponsors while asking folks across America to get involved fundraising to help give away CFL’s in their communities.

It’s a terrific idea that just may be replicable in your neck of the woods, so check out the Project Greenlight website and see what it takes to get your local effort off the ground.

via: Tipster Bryan H.

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