Hey United States, Show Us Your 2020 Emission Reduction Target - Climate Talks Enter Home Stretch

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Sunrise over Barcelona photo: Andrew Larson via flickr.

We're really into the pre-COP15 negotiating home stretch now, with talks moving to Barcelona, and initial reports aren't exactly encouraging: An IEA official says negotiators aren't ready to solve any of the problems on the table; while pressure builds on the United States to actually commit to a meaningful 2020 emission reductions target:Reuters reports that both Denmark's climate and energy minister, the European Union, and the United Nations are urging President Obama to show more leadership and come to Copenhagen with more.

US Target Essential to Forming International Agreement
Minister Connie Hedegaard said that it was "very hard to imagine" that Obama would go to Oslo to pick up his Nobel Peace Prize and "at the same time has sent an empty-handed delegation to Copenhagen."

Meanwhile, Sweden's environment minster said that while the US position has shown "significant, real change", more still needs to be done.

As for what that more is expected to be, here are the words of Yvo de Boer, head of the UN Climate Change Secretariat: "We need a clear target from the United States in Copenhagen. That is an essential component of the puzzle."

Remember that given Republican recalcitrance on th€e Senate climate bill, there's more or less no chance that it will be completed before COP15; and US emission reduction targets are tied to that bill.

IEA Says Negotiators Not Ready For Solutions
If that weren't all downbeat enough, let me leave you with this quote from the head of energy efficiency and environment at the IEA, Richard Bradley,

It looks like negotiators from the major economies are unlikely to conclude that addressing part of the problems in Copenhagen and then finishing them later is an outcome they could live with.

The negotiators I have talked to...probably aren't prepared to solve part of the problems. Frankly, from what I have seen, they are not even ready to solve any of the problems.

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