Hewlett Packard Brazil Recycles Paper for its Cases

It’s always so encouraging to see big companies taking green decisions. Like Yahoo! or FedEx Kinko, for example. Well, in this case, the news comes from Brazilian Hewlett Packard, which has implemented a program to recycle paper from the print tests in its main office and use it to produce the protectors that go inside the boxes of the printers (who could believe they weren’t from recycled before! but let’s stick to the positive side). In the first six months of the program, 14 tons of paper were recycled, which means that 600 trees were preserved, according to the company. The next step is to widen the project towards all the units of the company in the country. HP is also using recycled paper for the production of the manuals and documents that come with the printers in Brazil; and had also launched a printer recycling program which will be extended in the next months. ::Hewlett Packard Brazil