Henry Waxman at Copenhagen: "We Have to Follow the Science"

The US's current carbon cutting commitments, along with the rest of the developed world, put current projections for a rise in temperatures above a dangerous 2 degrees. And even 2 degrees Celsius, say small island countries, would mean catastrophe. Rep. Henry Waxman, co-author and chairman of the committee behind American climate legislation, thinks better is needed.

Follow more of TreeHugger's Copenhagen coverage."We have to follow the science, and get the numbers as tight as we possibly can," he said after a press conference of Congressional leaders in Copenhagen yesterday. He also trumpeted the funding offer announced by Secretary of State Clinton, and commented on the Kyoto Protocol, which remains alive, but still without US support. "The US is not part of the Kyoto Protocol, I'm sorry to say." But "we're looking at agreements that will supercede Kyoto."

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