Henry Paulson: The Environment's Own Warren Buffett


Warren Buffet, the world’s second richest man, is following through on his plan to give the bulk of his $44 billion fortune to philanthropy. Although this is great news for everyone everywhere, Buffet’s cash won’t directly benefit any environmental organizations. The good news is that it looks like Henry Paulson, the US Treasury Secretary and former head of the investment bank Goldman Sachs, will be there to pick up the slack. It is believed that he is planning to give away the bulk of his $800m (£410m) fortune to environmental charities. Before deciding on a career in investment banking, it turns out that Mr. Paulson had plans to become a forest ranger. Despite his career choice, he has proved his commitment to the environment through his work as chairman of the Nature Conservancy, his involvement with the Peregrine Fund, which seeks to preserve birds of prey and through the Bobolink Foundation, an environmental charity he set up 21 years ago. Last March he donated more than $100 million worth of Goldman Sachs shares to the foundation. Mr. Paulson, you are a hero and we salute you! Keep up the good work. :: The Independent