Help Re-Name Glacier National Park


Today, Glacier National Park turns 97. Unfortunately, it's looking like this year might be one of the last years in which a birthday celebration at Glacier National Park actually has glaciers present. In 1850 there were over 150 glaciers in the park, today there are a couple dozen.

Experts estimate that the final glacier will melt from the park in the next twenty to thirty years. So the National Environmental Trust is asking residents of Montana (and the world) what we will call the park when that day comes.

Anna Swanson, who represents the National Environmental Trust from Montana says, "Glacier National Park is Montana's icon and our nation's crown of the continent. If Congress doesn't act soon to address global warming, we're going to have to rename Glacier." It's not going to be official name change (yet) but the message is clear. The world is changing. This is an ecological loss, but also a powerfully symbolic one, especially for us here in Montana.

So what will we rename glacier? We could go with Al Gore's suggestion: "The Park Formerly Known as Glacier," or you can send in your own suggestions at And, I'm sure, you'll be given a chance to contact your congressional representatives as well.

If your suggestion is chosen, you don't just go down in history, you also get a $250 gift certificate to REI.

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