Help Re-imagine Detroit with the Rouse [D] Competition

detroit-station photo

Detroit Central Station. Source

As we have noted, Detroit and other rust belt cities are in trouble. What can be done to revive them? Is it hopeless? Some think not. They have organized an "international open ideas competition challenging people to come up with designs that will rouse the city of Detroit and encourage an evolution of our understanding of its unique urban environment."

rouse d competition graphic

They write in their brief:

We have studied, examined, photographed, and proposed our ideas many times over, but how can we begin to take action to improve the overall condition of what so many believe to be a modern day ruins? Every city has its history and Detroit is no different, but now it's our turn to "bounce back" and maybe not in the traditional or conventional way, but in a new, unprecedented way that is specific to the one-of-a-kind condition Detroit presents to us. So the solution too, will be one-of-a-kind specific to our Detroit let's see what you've got

Three drawings only, cheap entry fee, not big prizes, and you have until July 31. Interesting idea at Rouse Detroit.
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