Help End Our Confusion: Let Green Party into Debates

Canadian politics is very confusing; in Europe, the Green parties are usually on the left of the political spectrum; In Canada their last leader was a former Conservative, and Elizabeth May, the new leader, has made statements that peg her as somewhat of a social conservative. Their policy document hasn't changed either, and it didn't exactly make you want to man the barricades. My historic political home, the New Democratic Party is being squeezed as Stephane Dion, who named his dog Kyoto, is painting the Liberal Party as the true greens. The Bloc Quebecois is socially progressive and supportive of green issues, but is only in Quebec and wants to run its own show. The Conservatives? We hear that Rona is on her way out, but that won't help them much. One thing is certain- we should be able to hear from all of them. Yet the Green Party, even though it gets lots of votes, wasn't allowed in the last debate. Now they are running a petition to demand a presence in the debates in the next election. Even if one is really looking for a Red Green party, all of the major leaders deserve to be heard. Support the petition at ::Demand Democratic Debates.