Help Create a Twitter Book for Copenhagen


Images from thisplace'09

We all can't go to Copenhagen this week, but there are so many ways to make our voice heard nonetheless. ThisPlace09 is an art and Twitter project that conveys personal thoughts about climate change to the delegates and the rest of the participants so that they can see how the public feels about the importance of the issue.

It's a simple and effective idea: a selection of twitter comments about the environment are put together into a little book, together with lovely artwork, and given to delegates. As an extra green touch, the owners of green tomato cars, the green taxi company, are driving the books to Copenhagen in two Prius cars.


The question is simple: "What's worth saving in #thisplace?" Answers have been collected from people and places everywhere possible using the hashtag #thisplace. Those who don't Twitter can add their answers through the website.

As always, the range of ideas and concerns is fascinating. As in: "Will wellies be enough to visit my home country The Netherlands in 50 years time? Or will I need goggles and flippers? HELP!" Or, "Treyarnon Bay Cornwall, pure unspoilt natural beauty, a place of serenity and re-connection with creation in a busy world " or "A sense and love of beauty."

Artists were asked to illustrate some of the lovelier comments, to give a visual aspect to the project.


The books have arrived and are being distributed at a grassroots level by placing them in coffee shops, hotels where delegates are staying, and giving them one by one at the entrance to the Conference. In addition the group TckTck Tck will be distributing it through their vast network. Watch out for one, it could be a collector's item.

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