HelioVolt and Exeltech Announce Thin-Film R&D; Collaboration


Texas has caught it from us about their renewed focus on Old King Coal. The pioneering legacy lives on, however. HelioVolt Corporation and Exeltech, both Texas-based companies, recently announced a joint R&D; agreement to commercialize turnkey systems for solar energy generation. The work will take place at company headquarters, in both Austin and Fort Worth. "The companies intend to develop streamlined systems for both conventional solar module and building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) products". www.heliovolt.com">HelioVolt Corporation develops and markets technology for applying thin-film CIS (Copper Indium Selenide) photovoltaic coatings. Exeltech does the balance of system design and manufacturing. Image credit: ruggedness testing an Exceltech component, Texas style.

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