Heidi Fleiss to Open Eco-brothel for Women

Photographed by Lauren Greenfield for Elle.com. Full story can be found in February issue of Elle.

We'll file this one under 'unexpected'. According to Elle, it seems Heidi Fleiss, legendary nineties madame is in the process of launching an eco-friendly brothel for women in Nevada. The site for her stud farm is a 60 acre plot of land near Pahrump where she just opened a laundromat called Dirty Laundry. Apparently she even considers herself a TreeHugger, but she won't be letting her environmental values compromise the decadence for her clients. Ecorazzi gives us the following summary:

The Stud Farm will be "an exclusive resort, and I'll make it really nice like the Beverly Hills Hotel", says Heidi. She's reportedly been looking into green building options, because she doesn't want "anything polluting". She believes that women will come to her resort as they would for any getaway- "for bachelorette and birthday parties or simply because they have the time and the money and they want to get a manicure, a pedicure, and a shag", she says.

The parrot-loving madam says she'll run her Stud Farm on wind power because "there's a need for it", refers to herself as a "treehugger", and seems genuinely concerned that her beloved parrots were born into such a polluted world- to which her father replies that "the world is a beautiful garden. It's just, people are destroying it".

Might we suggest that her employees take a look at our guide on How to Green Your Sex Life before getting to work, and Heidi may also want to check out our picks on Eco-laundry too.

This TreeHugger certainly wasn't expecting to ever use the terms "eco" and "brothel" in the same sentence, and we're pretty sure that many folks will have moral objections to this whole endeavour. However, if the oldest profession in the world is going to continue, and our guess is it will, then we are all for it adopting wind power and gender equality as it evolves. ::Elle::and Jezebel::via Ecorazzi::

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