Heathrow Airport Expansion Approved

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Actually it looks like it's a yes... Image Credit: Inel

Controversial Runway Expansion Gets Green Light Despite Massive Opposition
From celebrities buying up land slated for the future runway through to flash mob picnics in Heathrow's terminal building and protesters storming runways and occupying the roof of the Houses of Parliament, there's no doubt that aviation expansion is a political hot potato in the UK right now. But while the UK Conservative Party has taken a stand against a third runway, adocating for more investment in rail instead, the Labour government is not listening. And today they voted in favour of expanding the UK's largest airport , despite a last minute rebellion by Members of Parliament. More from the UK's Telegraph newspaper:
MPs voted by a margin of just 19 to support the plans unveiled by Geoff Hoon, the Transport Secretary, earlier this month, with a number of Labour backbenchers rebelling against the proposals.

More than 25 Labour MPs rebelled against the plans. The Tories said that around 30 Labour backbenchers who had previously opposed the third runway but voted with the Government would face the consequences among their constituents at the next election.

Ironically, a heavy whipping operation by both parties saw some MPs flying back from a meeting of the European Council in Strasbourg. Let's hope they paid their carbon offsets at least.

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