Heather Mills Opens Vegan Cafe: Frozen Foods to Follow?

vbites vegan cafe photo

Image credit: Vbites
Heather Mills' Animal-Free Cafe
While Paul McCartney pushes Meatless Mondays, his ex-wife Heather Mills, who campaigned alongside Paul against seal clubbing - among other things - has opened a vegan cafe in Hove Lagoon in the UK. She may also be emulating the Linda McCartney food empire, launching a range of frozen vegan fake meat meals.
The Vbites Café is situated at Hove Lagoon in West Sussex in the UK, and describes itself as an innovative new community café, offering unique meatless meats and vegan favorites - accompanied by vegan and organic wines and beers. (Yes, many beers and wines contain animal products as clarifying agents.)

So far, so good, but where the story gets more complicated is news over at Ecorazzi that Heather Mills is also launching a range of vegan frozen foods. For now, these meals occupy a very low key position on the Vbites internet shop. But as Ecorazzi notes, everything about the packaging suggests they are geared toward supermarket and grocery store sales too. Given the fact that the McCartney family remains personally involved in the Linda McCartney frozen foods brand, this could get very interesting indeed. Anything that drives folks toward reduced meat consumption is probably a good thing for the environment (though frozen foods of course have their own issues...) - let's just hope that personal animosities are kept separate from business.

Thanks to Rajan Zed for the tip!

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