Heated Issue: A Global Warming Design Competition


With the aim of discovering why design matters, a social design network called Design21 has launched a series of competitions. Titled "Heated Issue," one such competition calls for entrants to design an awareness campaign to educate the public on the issue of global warming. This competition asks participants to create an educational campaign to raise public awareness of the problem of global warming and the contribution of our daily lifestyle and activities to this phenomenon. The aim of the campaign is to provoke people to think about the issue and how their individual consumer choices and energy consumption play into the equation. Four cash prizes, totaling $10,000, will be awarded to the winners, and the deadline to enter is Sunday, December 10. Design21 is a worldwide design network that seeks to promote design practice that is creative, thoughtful and responsible, so that good design becomes an integral part of everything we make, from objects and structures to environments and communities. Their goal is to form a global community that explores ways that design can make positive contributions to society and our environment. Learn more about them here and about the design competitions here. ::Design21 via ::Designspotter