Healthy Toys Database Begins Cutting Through Confusion for Consumers Everywhere


In case you're feeling overwhelmed by the number of toys that have been found to contain lead, asbestos, mercury and the like of late, there's a new and searchable database that aims to cure your ills this holiday season. Under the organization of the Ann Arbor, Michigan Ecology Center, is a growing database of toys tested for lead, cadmium, arsenic, mercury, and chlorine as well.

Literally launched today, the database is still relatively small, with only 1,500 toys in the initial testing run. And as any parent who's been dragged through Toys R Us by their screaming toddler will know that's a mere drop in the veritable ocean of cheap toys kids crave. But you can nominate toys to be tested, so it's certain to grow over time.

Ultimately, toys are given a hazard rating of "Low/Medium/High" based on the levels of each chemical found in it which have been defined by set standards from a wide range of groups concerned with child safety.

I say give it a look and then bookmark it as a resource for the future

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via:: The Green Guide

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