Hayden Begley and Green Kids on Nick News


Ed Begley Jr. with his daughter Hayden

When you think of Nickelodeon and the word "green," your first thought might be slime, however this Sunday at 9pm (EST/PST) Nick News is taking a look at kids who are living in energy efficient households.

Called "A Kid Off the Grid," Linda Ellerbee will be exploring a number of households around the nation whose kids are truly part of the solution and not the problem. One of our favorites, Ed Begley Jr., will be showing up with his adorable daughter Hayden. She'll talk about what it's like being a kid living in a home where:

you get your energy from solar panels, recycle, use biodegradable soaps and detergents, and grow your own vegetables.

Hayden says, "It's our responsibility to protect the environment because we are the people of the world."

Very true...maybe we need a show on Nick called, "Living With Hayden."

Also featured on "A Kid Off The Grid"the Dancing Rabbit Eco-Village:

a community in Rutledge, Missouri, that is entirely off the grid. Their homes are made out of recycled materials. They get their energy from solar panels, grow their own food and filter their own water from rainfall. Rowan, a kid who lives in the community, says, "We keep track of the weather because if it's not going to be sunny for a few days, we have to conserve it for lights so we don't turn on any video games or radio." The theory is: People will eventually have to learn to do with less — and it's not as hard as it sounds. The kids at Dancing Rabbit agree.


Alexis, from Bronx, NY, has a rooftop garden on her building, known as a Greenroof. Greenroofs help lower overall building energy costs because of their natural thermal insulation, making structures cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. In Oakland, Calif., Isaiah helps save the environment by walking to school rather than driving, unplugging devices from the wall when he isn't using them, and turning off the water when brushing his teeth. Isaiah, says, "One person shutting the light off would make a big difference and if that person told the next couple of people to shut their lights off that would make an even bigger difference. It's like dropping a stone in the water; it ripples outward and the ripple gets bigger and bigger."

So grab the kids, get the TV fired up, and be sure to watch this show together! Heck, even if you don't have any kids, tune in and maybe learn something from the next generation.