Hawaii's biggest polluter: The Kilauea Volcano

The Kilauea has been sending 1000 metric tons of sulfur dioxide in the atmosphere of Hawaii each day since 1983. That's 6000 times more than the industrial polluters on the island and it gives the volcano the double title of most popular tourist attraction and worst air-polluter in the state. That pollution makes the air hazy and the locals call the phenomenon vog (portmanteau for "volcanic smog" -– "smog" itself comes from "smoke" and "fog", so "vog" is a portmanteau of a portmanteau!). Even though no definitive research on the dangers of vog has been completed yet, it clearly is a big problem: the state of Hawaii has had the highest rate of asthma-deaths in the US since the mid-80s and "during 'bad air days,' schools routinely keep asthmatics and other sensitive students indoors and sometimes cancel outdoor sporting events." We already have our hands full with human-made problems, how are we supposed to deal with those that nature sends our way? ::Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano a Big Polluter

[by MGR]