Has The Donald Been Trumped on the Links?

golf boy photo

Photo: creativecommons/flickr/gageskidmore

It's been an ongoing saga of Donald Trump versus the environmental Scot's, with a heavy dose of high level politicking thrown in. Here's the story: Donald Trump, New York billionaire property developer, wants to build a golf resort off the coast of Aberdeen, Scotland. His plan was opposed by the local council, residents and conservation authorities because the first two holes will be built over an environmentally sensitive stretch of sand dunes. Should be a pretty straightforward case, but this is Trump-land and the First Minister of Scotland is supporting him and the word "sleaze" is being bandied about.

Today is the first day of a public inquiry into the issue. Trump has hired two independent ecological experts. Both of them say that his proposed development will have a "severe" and "significant" effect on the dunes by harming rare plants and wildlife and halting their mobile,natural movement. One said: "I suggested this coastal stretch is probably the most dynamic set of dunes in Britain and that golf development was a very significant threat to site geomorphological and ecological integrity." The Donald's reaction: he has already rejected an alternative proposal put forward by conservationists and has stated that anyone who opposes him is the enemy or an imbecile. Just to make things more interesting the so-called "tartan crusader" is claiming Scottish ancestry ("Pulling the tartan down over our eyes") although he has only been there once before, and offering to donate serious money towards a redevelopment of the local castle.... This will be one load of blarney to watch. :: The Guardian

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