Harry Reid: Expect Climate Bill to Pass this Spring


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It "may be the most important policy we will ever pass."
I know there's been plenty of talk about the climate bill's prospects in the Senate as of late--how the exhausting health care reform efforts have drained the Democrats' will, how it's an election year and it's "risky," and that some moderate Democrats are complaining. Well, Harry Reid has some strong words for all the naysayers (who happen to be in the minority):The Senate Majority Leader delivered a speech yesterday, and the topic was energy reform. Here's what he said:
As you know, the House has passed a comprehensive clean energy and climate bill that does many of these things. I support addressing each of these issues in the Senate's version, and I expect that to happen this spring.

We have a lot on our plate. We have to finish reforming health insurance and Wall Street, and also must help bring Americans out of unemployment. But we are not so busy that we can't find the time to address comprehensive energy and climate legislation.

Not a whole lot of ambiguity about that message: climate legislation is on the agenda for this spring. In his speech, he seemed confident that the bill would pass, citing the bipartisan support it's garnered from GOP Senator Lindsey Graham and Independent Sen. Joe Lieberman. He said that there will be well over 60 votes for the bill. He also had some harsh words for Alaskan Senator Lisa Murkowski:
next week Senator Murkowski of Alaska may offer an amendment - to a completely unrelated bill, it should be noted - that would stop the EPA from protecting Americans from global warming pollution. It's a highly political move, and a highly hazardous one to our health and the environment.

If this Senator succeeds, it could keep Congress from working constructively in a bipartisan manner to pass clean energy legislation this year. That's why I will work hard to defeat this misguided amendment. I hope that doesn't come to that.

Burn. But he's exactly right in this case--Murkowski's amendment is downright irresponsible, especially considering she represents the state most affected by climate change.

So, to recap: the climate bill is still very much alive, and we shall see much more of it this coming spring. And the Murkowski amendment sucks.

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