Harper's Bazaar: Canadian Budget Tosses A Few Green Goodies

There was something for everyone in the pre-election budget released by Stephen Harper's so-called Conservative government. The biggest item of interest to TreeHuggers is the new Hummer Tax, stolen from the Green Party Handbook- gas guzzlers like the Grand Cherokee, Hummer or BMW M5 get hit with a $ 4,000 surcharge, while little sippers like a Yaris or Mini Cooper get a bonus of a grand and a Prius or Honda Hybrid get two grand from the feds and in combination with other grants, up to $ 4,000 off list. To keep from offending the rural voter, pickups are exempt, so we will see a lot more of those on the road.

Corn Cob Bob is happy; ethanol got a two billion dollar boost. Others less so: Aaron Freeman of Environmental Defence says "If you want to subsidize corn producers thats fine, but it is barely an environmental program." The oil companies are happy; a tax break they were afraid would be withdrawn does not go until 2010, and is being replaced with a new break for investment in carbon capture and storage projects.

All round, something for everyone unless you were hoping for a carbon tax or greater incentives to reach Kyoto targets. Off to buy my Smart Car! ($2,000 discount!)

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