Hardcore DIY Goggles, Pricey "Free" Parking, Cars Hacked for Tight Spots, and more!

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DIY Goggles from Bra Strap, Light Bulb Screens and a Biker Jacket
Now if that doesn't combine tough, edgy and sexy into one steam punk-style project, we don't know what will.

"Free" Parking Can Actually Cost an Arm and a Leg
Free parking spots aren't really all that free, costing as much as (gulp) $25,000 per space. One author discovers - among many startling statistics - that in 2002 the total subsidy just for off-street parking was between $127 and $374 billion (for comparison, the budget for national defense that year was $349 billion). Who pays for this? You.

Hand-built Guitar from a Cigar Box
Mark Frauenfelder has whipped up a really great looking guitar from a cigar box. And...leads you to YouTube lessons for how to play one of these very home-made instruments.

Retractable Fifth Wheel for Tight Parking Spaces
If you're jealous of how Smart cars can fit into any nugget of a parking spot and want to get your big car into one easily, check out this hack spotted in Egypt. We always say that modifying your current car for efficiency is greener than buying a new smaller, fuel-efficient car...

Help Out a Flooded Louisville Free Public Library
And finally, a call for your support. Public libraries are bits of green heaven, and one that suffered from flooding needs your assistance to keep afloat.

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