Happy 35'th Anniversary USEPA


USEPA recently marked its 35th anniversary. In this photo released by the US Environmental Protection Agency, current USEPA chief, Stephen Johnson, with microphone, fourth from left, is joined by former administrators, from left, Gov. Christine Todd Whitman, Russell Train, Bill Ruckelshaus, Lee Thomas, Carol Browner and Bill Reilly, on Wednesday, Jan. 18, 2006, in Washington. One former EPA Administrator, Carol, Browner, is a Democrat, the others pictured are Republican. In what we thought was a most interesting moment, all of the former administrators and the current one, Stephen Johnson, raised their hands when asked whether they believe humans bear significant blame for climate change. Another interesting one, we thought, was when Lee Thomas, (Reagan administration) said "if the United States doesn't deal with those kinds of issues in a leadership role, they're not going to get dealt with..." Made us realize that one of the most strategically important environmental decisions of 2009 will be who gets appointed as USEPA Administrator. For a full report look here.