Hannah Montana Tchotchkes: From China, Loaded With Lead

In case you find your friends and relations among the legions who just can't seem to get enough of Hannah Montana, consider the fact that a recent study indicates many of the items they've grown attached to have significant levels of lead.

Of course there's been plenty of news in the last year about the presence of lead in toys like Thomas the Engine, so perhaps this just shouldn't be that surprising. But it seems to me that with all of the revelations we've had in the last year over lead, the folks pitching stuff bearing one of the most saleable faces in Tweenland today should have done a better job testing the products they put on the shelves.
I suspect some would call it simply another case of "Let the buyer beware," but with everything from backpacks to wallets involved it just may be worthwhile to check out the study itself and see what your child has that's on the list.

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via:: The Daily Green

Hannah Montana Tchotchkes: From China, Loaded With Lead

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